Practice with YogaQuest...from Anywhere 

Wish you could practice with YogaQuest from your living room whenever you want? Well, now you can! The Nerdmaste Everyday Community is everything you love about YogaQuest wherever you have a yoga mat and an Internet connection.

Free YogaQuest videos

Here are four free YogaQuest videos for you to try anywhere you have an internet connection. If you like these videos, you'll love the Nerdmaste Online Community! The community will be launching this fall, so be sure to complete the form below to receive updates and special pre-launch pricing,

YoGaquest: Gamer Break 

Stay on top of your game whether you're playing Magic the Gathering or Super Mario Cart with easy stretches that can be completed without leaving your seat.


Yogaquest: fantastic Beasts

Geek-centered yoga mixes with the wonderful world of Fantastic Beasts in this 25-minute mat-based yoga practice.


Yogaquest: con cool down

Find a moment of calm during this 19-minute cool down yoga practice. Can be practiced anytime, including while snuggled into your bed!


YogaQuest: Escape from Dino Island

Enjoy an hour-long yoga practice with the Escape from Dino Island yoga quest!

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