Humans have been telling stories since time began. Sharing who we are and how we see the world through words and movement is a universal human experience. Carl Jung documented the far-reaching impact of Archetypes in the human story, while Joseph Campbell’s work addresses the cross-cultural understanding and experience of the Hero’s Journey. Modern psychologists continue to explore and expand on the power of stories, movement, play, and self-compassion in their work.

Whether using ancient archetypes or modern myths, narratives are a powerful link both between and within people. And you can leverage the power of story to create even more engaging yoga classes.

The power of language

Would you ever consider ending a class with, “May the Force be with you?” For some, these words resonate on a much deeper level than the traditional Sanskrit “namaste.” Culled from the epic Star Wars franchise, this quote enables Star Wars fans to tap into deep cultural and personal experiences.

By knowing your audience, you can adjust your language to match your student’s experience, strengthening the bond with your student. This re-languaging communicates to the student that there is a place for them in yoga, that they belong on their mat, and that you, as their teacher, see them.

Yogiography™ taught me to write yoga classes that fully weave in a story, making my classes a totally unique experience!
— A.J. 2017 YTT grad


Created by a narrative therapist who is also an experienced yoga teacher, Yogiography™ explores the power of stories as part of our shared humanity and how to integrate stories into your teaching to engage your students on a deeper level.

In this 8-hour workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Explore the narratives that resonate with your students
  • Create both narrative and narrated classes, as well as narrative guided meditations using the preferred language of your students
  • Expertly intertwine narrative with your yoga teaching
  • Choose language that is authentic to your students
  • Link Hatha yoga poses to specific archetypes and themes
  • Practice ethically with diverse populations
  • Address the legal issues around working with other people’s stories
  • Go beyond simply creating a theme for your classes and begin to weave a story using the language of your students creating connection and depth. Learn to speak the narrative language of your students and watch them come alive!

Continuing Education Credit with Yoga Alliance

Yoga teachers who complete the Yogiography™  workshop are eligible for 8 contact hours with Yoga Alliance.


Money: $300

Time: 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday


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