Life can be challenging and sometimes you need an ally you can talk to. At Blue Box Counseling & Wellness, we’re committed to supporting you as you explore your life story through counseling and yoga, change the narratives that no longer serve you, and move forward on the adventure of your life.

Finding the right fit

For counseling to work, you’ve got to have a connection with your therapist. If you’ve tried therapy before and felt that the counselor didn’t understand you, you aren’t alone. Whether you identify as a geek, LGBTQ, secular or as a part of another non-mainstream group, sifting through mainstream therapist bios can be overwhelming. That’s why we created Blue Box Counseling & Wellness.

Not your typical wellness environment

Blue Box Counseling & Wellness was created for those who feel uncomfortable in traditional wellness spaces by a therapist who understands that not everyone feels at home in the mainstream. From narrative therapy and counseling services that speak your language to fandom-centered yoga classes, Blue Box Counseling & Wellness is a sanctuary for those who have felt uncomfortable in other healing environments. You have a place in the Blue Box!


Experience the Blue Box Counseling & Wellness difference.

Therapy Services


To move forward in life, we must rewrite the narratives that no longer serve us. Narrative therapy at Blue Box is a bit like writing your own choose-your-own-adventure novel. You get to choose how the story ends!

Yoga for Geeks

Comic Con attendees participate in a YogaQuest Yoga class.

YogaQuest is known for our narrated yoga classes that mix fandom with fitness, but we offer more traditional classes too. Either way, at YogaQuest you'll find a yoga class that is unlike any other you've experienced!

About Justine

Justine mastin sits on the IRON THONE FROM GAME OF THRONES.

Justine Mastin is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in narrative therapy in Minneapolis, MN. An E-RYT 200 yoga teacher, Justine offers fandom-based yoga for geeks at YogaQuest.