"It's dangerous to go alone." 
Legend of Zelda  

Ever wished you had a trusted companion to journey with you on the adventure of life? Someone to listen and help you figure things out on your way to rescue the Prince or Princess? The right therapist can provide the space you need to make sense of your journey so far, offer insights and help you decide which path to take next.

Connection with your therapist is more important than any particular psychological skill. Feeling heard can be a transformative experience and my goal is to support you on your quest. Therapy doesn't have to be serious, sad and reflective all the time. Just like any adventure, therapy can also be both fun and funny.

Many of life's challenges result from misunderstandings with others. Together we will work to understand the other's perspective. We will explore what is meaningful to you and question the role of societal messaging in your life so you can take what works and leave the rest.

Fit is one of the most important things in finding a therapist. Whether you're a rogue, mage, druid or cleric, there is a different fit for characters in every class. I may not be the right therapist for everyone, but I may be the right therapist for you.