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About Emily

Learn more about Emily Swayne, therapist in Minneapolis, MN

Emily Swayne, MA


Emily Swayne headshot.
"Sometimes life is scary and dark. That is why we must find the light."

Hi! I’m Emily.

A therapist for the mystics and misfits; the creatives and cynics; the outcasts and openminded; the artistic and awkward; the hippies and the highly sensitive!

If you identify as a person who struggles to feel belonging or doesn’t feel comfortable in a traditional mental health setting, then I may be a good fit for you!

I believe that each person has inherent value and worth; that everyone is worthy of experiencing healing and empowerment. I want to help you work towards becoming your best version of yourself and to help you feel empowered as the author and holder of the pen in your life’s story. 

When you are present in a session with me you can expect to find yourself in a safe space filled with compassion, empathy, warmth, and probably the use of humor when appropriate. A space where it is my hope and goal that you can feel heard and seen while collaboratively working towards healing without worry of judgement.

I believe everyone can benefit from therapy and that one of the most important factors of therapy is a good client/therapist relationship. I work with folks 14 and up and have special interests in working with creatives and artists, those deconstructing their religion/spirituality or who feel spiritually homeless so to speak, people coming out of purity culture, trauma work (including religious trauma), processing and doing work around past childhood experiences and their impact, depression, anxiety, boundary setting, the LGBTQIA+ community, polyamorous and non-monogamous folks; and doing work around helping people feel more connected to their inner self and bodies. I believe that each person is the expert in their own story. I take a stance of curiosity so I can learn about you for who you are, and so we can work together on whatever it is that will be most helpful and meaningful for you.

I received my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and have experience working with adults, teens, and children in various settings. Whatever you’re facing, I would be honored to come alongside you and to help you find the light, so to speak. I commend you for taking this step towards healing and growth, and I look forward to doing good work together!

Meet the Doggos!

Marcie, the black Pomeranian, poses on the chair in a purple flowered dress.

Hi there! My name’s Marceline or Marcie for short!

I’m small in stature but I make up for it in personality, sass, and spunk! As a pup who has experiences of being looked down on (literally, because I am smol) everyone having a voice is very important to me, which is why I use mine A LOT and I’m a big fan of feminist theory! 

I’m also ALL about playfulness and not taking life too seriously, so I like to use many different types of experiential therapy and play therapy models!

Ultimately though, I just want to be present with you! I accept payment in treats and toys and work under the supervision of my brother Jake and my mom, Emily.

Jake, the chihuahua wears a plaid jacket and poses on a black leather chair.

Hello, I’m Jake!

"All the chemicals, in the brain and in the body
From the penthouse to the lobby, they change faces
From day to evening
Who will you be now?"
Dog Walker
by Levi Henry

Although I am more reserved than some, I care deeply about my passions. Additionally, my reserved nature in no way dampens my big heart or my quirky personality. 

When I’m not delving into the existential questions of life, and/or the structural dynamics and roles of families with my clients, or supervising Marceline, I enjoy yelling at squirrels that dare tread on my property, taking walks when the weather allows, and most of all spending time with my family and close friends. 

I accept payment in the form of white rice or ice cream and work under the supervision of my mom Emily.

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