Geek-centric yoga anywhere you want to practice

Wish you could practice with YogaQuest from your living room whenever you want? Well, now you can! YogaQuest Online is everything you love about YogaQuest anywhere you have an Internet connection.

For less than the cost of one drop-in class at a yoga studio each month, you get access to our entire library of YogaQuests. Love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Jurassic Park or Fantastic Beasts? We’ve got YogaQuests celebrating those fandoms and more! With YogaQuest Online you can:

  • Choose when and where you want to practice

  • Explore your yoga practice with a body-positive instructor who is a self-proclaimed nerd

  • Pick from a variety of practices based on the fandoms you love most

  • Stretch and strengthen your body without leaving your house

Monthly membership

Limited time introductory price! $9.99 per month
** Increasing to $14.99 on March 31, 2019.**

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