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Wizard Boy

Join Justine, Rose and Steve on a Harry Potter-themed YogaQuest. 53 minutes.

Spirit Bathhouse

Journey with Justine, Steve and Rose in this quest inspired by Spirited Away. 63 minutes.

Dino Island

Join Justine, Rose and Ani on a Jurassic Park-inspired YogaQuest. 54 minutes.

Star Battles

Fly through space and fight off Empire with Justine, Ani, and Steve in this Star Wars-themed YogaQuest. 48 minutes.

Goblin King

Journey with Justine, Steve and Ani through the Goblin City to rescue Toby in this Labyrinth-influenced quest. 57 minutes.

Star Hike

Join Justine, Steve and Ani on the Away Team and explore a strange new world in this Star Trek themed practice. 44 minutes.

Titanic Time Traveler

Step into the Tardis to travel through time and space to the Titanic with the Doctor, Justine, Rose, and Ani in this Dr. Who-themed yoga practice. 45 minutes.


From the YogaQuest Vaults

From the Vault: The Legend of Yoga - Yogarina of Time

Join Justine and the yogis of YogaQuest on an adventure to save the Princess. 55 minutes.

From the Vault:
The Y-Files

Investigate the unknown with Justine and the yogis at YogaQuest in this X-Files inspired quest. 47 minutes.

From the Vault:
The Yogi of Darkness

Join Justine and the yogis of YogaQuest in this quest from deep in the YQ vault! 50 minutes.