Justine’s supervisory model is collaborative in nature, rather than hierarchical. She works with you to develop your own therapy style rather than teaching you how to work in her preferred modalities. Justine encourages supervisees to think outside of the box that is often created inside of the MFT community and encourages nuance while working ethically.

Justine works with supervisees on case consultation, self-of-the-therapist issues, as well as concerns related to the process of becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist. She is especially passionate about working with new graduates to help set them up for success during the licensure process.

Supervisory rates

  • Individual/Dyadic Supervision - $80/hr

  • Group Supervision (max 6 attendees) - $40/hr

Please note that Justine is not accepting practicum applications.

Supervisory services are for pre-clinical supervisees only.


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