It’s a jungle out there and self-care is key.

Explore critical self-care topics with Justine via short video talks.



Boundaries are important. Spend a few minutes with Justine to learn about the three types of boundaries and why they matter.
9 minutes.

Coping Skills

How do you cope with the stress in your life? Learn how to identify your current coping skills and think up new ways if you’d like to try something different. 6 minutes.


Gratitude is a powerful practice to develop in your life. But what about those moments where finding things to be thankful for is hard? 4 minutes.

Mindfulness 101

Everyone talks about mindfulness, but what does that mean? Justine explains mindfulness and why it matters in this short talk. 8 minutes.


Learn what self-compassion is, why it matters, and how to give the gift of self-compassion to yourself. 5 minutes.


Hugs can be soothing when we’re having a hard day. But what if you’re not around someone you feel comfortable asking for a hug? Self-hugs to the rescue! 4 minutes.

Stress Mountain

Learn what happens when you’re under stress, why people handle stress differently, and what you can do to manage stress in this video. 8 minutes.