YQ in Review: 2016

Greetings, YoGeeks, JustiniYogini here!

Well, 2016 is finally coming to a close. It’s no secret that 2016 was a challenging year for so many of us, and while I could take time to go through the losses and difficulties that we had, I’d rather focus on those things that I am grateful for; so here we go with the 2016 YQ gratitude roundup! In no particular order, because I can’t really think in any sort of proper linear fashion.

We were so excited to have some great recognition this year - we were honored to be featured in Yoga International multiple times, as well as in Geek & Sundry - things that I had never dreamed possible when I started this weird geeky journey! 

We graduated four new yoga teachers through our yoga teacher training and we are so proud of them! They each have a unique voice and style, which is exactly how it should be. You will start to see some of them around the studio doing their thing, if you haven’t already.

Our community engagement has really amped up this year! Thanks in large part to our blog (spoilers: you're reading it!), which will be expanding even more in 2017. We've enjoyed having more members of our community contribute to writing and narrating quests, and just in general we’ve been thrilled to have new students in the studio and new friends online!

As usual, we attended a bunch conventions, including Wizard World Cons - great write up of our discussion panel by our friend Bryan hereC2E2 and NYCC again. And got to see many old friends on our journeys as well as make new ones. We went to NerdCon Stories for the first time and had some huge crowds, especially since it was at 8am - which is good, since I needed motivation to perform at that hour!

One of my personal highlights of the year was having Bruce Campbell’s wife - and costume designer for Army of Darkness - Ida Gearon not only attended a quest (on purpose!) but take the time to come up and talk to us after and be complimentary and just wonderful.

We had a very successful Indiegogo campaign (thanks to all of you!) that allowed us to create online quests so that even more people can practice with us in the comfort of their own home. Speaking of Army of Darkness and online quests...I am over-the-moon to announce that our newest online quest: Yogi of Darkness is now available on Vimeo! In honor of moving into 2017, this quest is priced at $17 to buy and $7 to rent! So many sevens - it’s auspicious. 

Thank you for being a part of YQ in 2016. We are first and foremost a community and wouldn’t exist without you.

Nerdmaste and see you in the new year!