The Day After


It’s over. This seemingly endless election is finally over. And the outcome wasn’t even remotely close to what I was expecting. As I sat down to write this I struggled with what to say to you, my community. Yesterday I wrote about finding gifts in the difficult people and situations that we are faced with, and now I find myself grappling with how to take my own words to heart.

But here goes...If the decisions made by our neighbors have you feeling invisible, or small, or scared and you find this unacceptable, then the gift you received is the understanding of how truly important you are. The power of women and people of color and the differently abled, etc. was so intimidating to some that they lashed out against it - this shows that when we rally together, we are a force to be reckoned with. We must continue to show up, be present, and be visible - we are still here, we are still queer (weird, Muslim, Jewish, POC, immigrants, etc.), and those who voted out of fear best get used to it.

America has been handed a divisive figure and a divided country. If you find this unacceptable, then the gift you received is the opportunity to strengthen the bond with your community. Many people’s first thought is how can I run away and hide? And that is a natural and understandable reaction. But in this time of division, holding tight to community is powerful - we are stronger together. So take a moment today to be open to the possibility of accepting these gifts - show up, be present, and hold tight to your community. We aren’t going anywhere.