New York Comic Con Preview


Greetings, YoGeeks! We are thrilled to be heading to New York Comic Con this week for the 2nd year in a row! 

This year we are bringing you four of our Narrated Yogic Adventures, one every day from 1:15-2pm in Family HQ Room 1E15:

Thursday: Batman: The Movie (1966)
Friday: Star Trek TOS: Mirror, Mirror
Saturday: Captain America: Civil War
Sunday: Star Wars: Original Trilogy (Abridged)

We'll also be sharing our discussion panel, The Non-Compliant Geek's Guide to Self Care on Saturday at 4pm in Room 1B03:

Caring for your Self because you are worth it - and not to attain some media-fueled, idealized image of what you should be - is a radical, political act. Through our engagement with comics, si-fi, and fantasy, members of the geek community have become experts at re-imagining the world around us. We have the skills needed to be at the forefront of this movement for social change. Commit the radical act of self-acceptance and reclaim your heroic destiny. Your non-compliant journey starts now.

Meet the YQ NYCC A-Team:

download (1).jpeg

Left to right: Kris Anne Regeth, JustiniYogini, Steve Rehn, Vanessa East

Kris Anne Regeth is a Software Testing Analyst by day and a Registered Yoga Teacher by night. She loves travelling to conventions with YogaQuest to discuss self care and self-acceptance with her geek community.

Justine "JustiniYogini" Mastin is proud to be the creator and fearless leader of YogaQuest. Justine considers it her mission to bring the radical concept of self-care to all she meets. When she isn't teaching yoga or speaking on geek wellness topics, Justine is a psychotherapist in private practice.

Steven Rehn is a yoga teacher at YogaQuest, as well as a physicist, computer person and general-purpose problem solver.

Vanessa East is a long-time student and current yoga teacher trainee with YogaQuest.  She has done work and research around diversity and inclusion in varying capacities since 2008.  Her mild-mannered alter ego works as a direct service provider and capacity-builder for a national nonprofit organization.