Monday Musings: Valentine Stay


Roses, chocolates, jewelry - we’ve been bombarded with advertising for weeks. The media wants us to know that it is indeed Valentine’s time and that means time to spend money. Otherwise how will our loved ones know that, well, we love them? Now there’s a movement (thanks to the indomitable Leslie Knope) for Galentine’s Day - a day for ladies celebrating ladies.

I think it’s great to set aside time to let others know we care about them. I think it’s equally important, especially in these trying times, to show ourselves that same affection. So if you find yourself at home this Valentine's here are a few ways to celebrate yourself at home and it's all free. If none of these ideas fit into your life, take a moment to consider what might. If you can make space to care for others, you can make space to care for yourself.  

Take a bath. No, not just any bath. Make your bathroom into a spa experience. Light candles, play soothing music of your choice, dim lights, add Epsom salts and/or essential oils. Lavender is particularly calming. 

Read a book. Whether you want to revisit an old favorite or delve into something new, now is a perfect time to get quiet and immerse yourself in another world. To make the experience extra luxurious: brew a cup of tea, put on your fuzziest jammies, find the coziest spot you can and settle in.

Meditate. Ok, I hope I didn’t lose anybody. Meditation doesn’t have to look like sitting uncomfortably on the floor for 20 minutes (although some people choose to do so). Meditation can look like coloring in a coloring book, mindfully making and drinking a cup of tea or listening to a guided meditation while laying down. Even taking one moment to notice the inhale and exhale of one breath is meaningful.

No matter what you decide to do for yourself, make this time about you. Put away phones, computers and the news. Give yourself permission to step away and just relax.