Monday Musings: Take a Break!

Greetings YoGeeks! Well, it's been a grim few days. Some of us have been marching, tweeting, making uncomfortable phone calls all while staying glued to CNN. Now it's time to take a break. Give yourself permission at least once per day to step away. It is important to be informed and to be active - it is also necessary to recharge in order to not burn-out. I realize that this is a privilege and that for some stepping away is impossible. So acknowledge that you have this privilege and still give yourself permission to do it. It is my firm hope that we may all someday have these privileges.

This madness will all still be here when you get back, but you will feel fresher and more ready to face it again. Here are some ideas of simple and quick ways to decompress before you attempt to engage again:

1. Put your phone on silent and turn it over (so you can't see the flashing lights!): Every time our phone bleeps and bloops, it pulls our attention and adds to the feeling that things are moving at a million miles per hour. This simple change can make a huge difference.

2. Close your Facebook. Seriously, you can: Facebook is a busy place right now (as is twitter and all social media). Again this adds to the feeling of being overwhelmed. You can tune in for amounts of time, but be mindful of falling into a "scroll hole," that it's impossible to get out of.

3. Turn off CNN (This is my biggest challenge): We all want to be informed, and it's important to be. But watching the same tragic news on a loop isn't healthy for us. So get your news and get out for awhile.

4. Do something that's just for you that gives you joy: Activism is meaningful, but it is incredibly draining. We need to fill ourselves up at least enough to keep going. Some things that help people feel a little better are - Pet your animals, color in a coloring book, watch something mindless on tv, go for a walk (yes, even in the cold), look at pictures of cute animals, engage with other YoGeeks online or IRL!

5. Get things done: crossing things off your to-do list can help almost anything feel lighter. I just crossed something off mine by doing this blog post, and I gotta say, I do feel a little better. 

I would love to hear what helped you today - it might just be the thing that another YoGeek needed to hear.

Nerdmaste, friends.