Monday Musings: Postcards for Justice


Greetings, YoGeeks. We had quite an exciting weekend participating in the Women's March in St. Paul and we loved seeing pictures of marches from all over the world. That was an amazing launching point, but now the work really begins. The folks at the Women's March have created a campaign to help keep the momentum going: 10 actions/100 days. The first action is writing postcards to senators. We will have postcards available at the studio this week and we'll even mail them for you! If you can't get to the studio, please share a photo of yourself with your postcard(s) - we'd love to see them, and you!

On a personal note, letter-writing campaigns are very meaningful to me. Not many of you know this (because why would you), but my father was an avid stamp-collector. He even edited the stamp collecting magazine The American Philatelist. He loved the stories that went along with stamps and "covers" - that's an envelope - especially when it still had a letter in it! I found it all sort of boring...until he died. When he passed in 2009 I realized that I had a soft spot for the post. So please consider participating. Who know if your postcard will wind up in a sweet old man's album which his daughter won't appreciate until after he's gone. Nerdmaste, friends and vive la revolution.