Election Day Gratitude

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Well, it’s finally here - Election Day. No matter who you support (or don’t support) this has been an incredibly long campaign season filled with intense emotion. Many of us discovered that we have friends and family with much more disparate views than our own than we may have previously realized. This can be disheartening. Take heart.

Remember that each person who comes into our lives is offering us a gift - usually the best gifts are the most difficult to accept.

If you chose to unfriend some people this season due to their comments, they offered you the gift of improving your own boundaries. If you have been put off by someone else’s politics and that motivated you to become more involved in your own, they offered you the gift of clarity and passion.

Take a moment today and pause for gratitude for these gifts, even if they were difficult to receive. You are stronger for having accepted them.

Remember to breathe tonight and no matter what happens, this community is here to support each other.