The Family We Choose


Many of you may already know this, but the Supernatural fandom is kind of a big deal around here at BBC. We aren’t alone in loving this show – it’s on its 12th season for a reason! With twisting plots, Geek culture references galore, and a rotating cast of sharply drawn characters, there’s a lot to enjoy. But it isn’t what keeps us coming back.


Supernatural engages us because of its community both inside and outside the show. The family of choice created by Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel invites fans to recognize and appreciate their ability to create community with these characters, and with fellow Geeks who love them. Sam and Dean remind us that it’s normal to have a challenging relationship with our family of origin.


But, as Bobby reminds us in season 3: “There’s more to family than blood”. In other words, family neither begins nor ends with the people with whom we share genetic material. As adults, we get the opportunity to seek out connections with new and different people.

Sometimes, they’re angelic.

Sometimes, they’re demonic.


Rarely are they exactly what we expected.


But when we find those people who see us and celebrate us for who we are – well, it’s a transcendent experience. This month, BBC celebrates both our irl and fandom families for reminding us that each of us deserves a community who loves, respects, and celebrates us for who we truly are.