May Surprises

As many of you may have noticed, we’ve run a bit behind on our blog this Spring. Here at BBC, we’ve been hard at work on a secret project that we can finally share with you:

We are contributing co-authors in the upcoming Supernatural Psychological: Roads Less Traveled book!

In early January 2017, Justine & Larisa were asked to contribute to Sterling's popular Pop Psychology book on Supernatural. A beloved fandom here at BBC, we were only too happy to jump right in! This was our first foray into book publishing & it proved equal parts rewarding and challenging! What they say about the editing process is true: you’re never really done.

Justine co-wrote a whopping 2 chapters with fellow clinicians! While Larisa & Justine wrote 1 chapter together[1]. Working on this project together has genuinely been a dream come true and we can’t wait for the final book to debut in bookstores in October.

3 cheers for summer & a return to regular posts!



  1. For those of you counting at home, yes, that means Justine co-wrote a grand total of 3 chapters!